Got Pike?
Small programs for your enjoyment.
All of these hacks are distributed under the terms of the GPL license.

pcp 1.42 - Pike CoPy
PCP is a "small" pike scripts which is similar to scp, but also handles ftp, www and several proxy techniques. It can also do multiple concurrent downloads and/or split large downloads into pieces and download the pieces in parallel. PCP is also an extremely stubborn program, and will generally not abort a download even if the remote machine stops responding for a few weeks...

pping 1.7 - Pike Ping
This short Pike hack is a front-end for ping which continuously updates the min/max/average ping times and display some other useful statistics while ping is running.

webtailf 1.2 - Monitor a growing file through http.
Webtailf is basically wget and tail -f rolled into one. Given a url to a growing file, such as a log file, it will keep printing out the files contents as it is growing. This is very similar to what "tail -f" does for regular files.

pvpnd 1.6 - Pike VPN daemon
This little program makes it very easy to set up PPP-over-SSH-tunnels from a linux box to just about anywhere. And you don't even need root access to the other side of the tunnel to do it. All you need is a shell account where you can run slirp. Configuration is quite easy. Docs are in the file itself.

sfetchmail 1.4 - Fetch mail over SSH
This program works similarly to fetchmail, but will copy the files over ssh from a remote unix INBOX to your local INBOX without involving POP, or IMAP. It must be installed on both the client and the server to work. Also requires the program "lockfile" from the procmail distribution. (And Pike of course.. :)

Pi-ke - π calculation programs
This is a small collection of Pike programs which can calculate π using different algorithms.

  mkdvd 2.43 - DVD creator script

Mkdvd now has it's own page.

tivosync 1.5 - Automated TiVo to mpeg4 encoder
This little hack will automatically download shows from your TiVo and convert them to mpeg4 AVI files. It allows you to specify which shows and how much space to use. Shows which are deleted from the TiVo are also deleted in the target directory. It uses mencoder from tivo-mplayer to do the actual encoding. You also need to install vserver on your TiVo. tivosync.pike uses file locking to guard against multiple invocations and is very well suited for running from cron.

combine-cd 1.3 - Determine which files fit best on a cd/dvd
This program will search through a directory of files/directories and tell you which will fit best on a CD. Since you can specify how many MB to optimize for, you can use it with any storage media.

findpermutations 1.4 - Permutate letters and compare with a dictionary
This program will compute every permutation of the letters in a given word, compare the results with a dictionary and print out any words that match. Perfect for finding anagrams.

find_duplicates - Identifies files with identical content
This pike script will recursively search through one or more directories of files and report what files have the same content. It can also replace identical files with symlinks or hardlinks. It is quite well optimized, so it can search through large directories relatively quickly.

pxargs 1.1 - Pike xargs
This command works very much like the unix 'xargs' command, however, pxargs does not invoke /bin/sh to do it's job which that it won't bug out if files contain spaces, backticks or other characters with specific meanings in /bin/sh.

exif thumbnail support for xv 3.10a - still the best image viewer for linux
You'll need the xv-3.10a source code, plus the jumbo patches then apply this patch, and generating thumbnails should get a lot faster. I also linked it against libjpeg-turbo, which can also speed things up a bit.

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