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My hardware



This is my main gaming computer/workstation, it dual-boots linux and Windows XP and is currently way too noisy for my taste.
Motherboard : ASUS A7N266-C
CPU : AMD Athlon XP 2100+
Memory : 512Mb DDR333 (one stick)
Speakers : Cambridge Soundworks fourpointsurround
Case : Addtronics 7896 Full server case (300W)
Disk : 2 x 40 Gb Seagate Barracuda V
CPU cooler : Zalman CNPS6000-Cu
Graphics : Gainward Silent FX PowerPack! Ultra/980XP Professional (Fanless GeForce FX 5700)
Monitor : ViewSonic P225F 22"
Mouse : Logitech mouseman wheel (4 button)
Keyboard : Logitech
DVD-RW : Pioneer DVR-A06
DVD : Toshiba 10x DVD


This is my secondary gaming computer/workstation. Most of the time, Monica uses this computer.
Motherboard : ASUS P3V4X
CPU : Pentium III 1000 EB (1Ghz) FC-PGA coppermine
Slotket : Iwill slotket II
Graphics : Gainward GeForce 4 4600 128Mb (Powerpack 750)
Sound : Hoontech 4Dwave-NX
Video grabber card : Ospray 100
CD : Creative Dxr3 DVD
CDR : Plextor CD-R PX-W1210A 12-speed cd writer with Burn-Proof (tm)
Memory : 2 x 256Mb PC133
Keyboard : Logitech coordless freedom (with mouse)
Mouse : Logitech mouseman coordless (4 button)
Mouse : Logitech mouseman wheel (4 button)
Disk : 80Gb Seagate Barracuda IV
Monitor : ViewSonic G790 19"
Printer : Canon i960
Speakers : Altec Lansing
Floppy : noname
Case : Koolance with cpu, graphics and HD coolers


This is my web server.
CPU : AMD Athlon XP 1900+
Motherboard : ASUS A7N266-VML with onboard graphics, sound & ethernet
Memory : 512 MB DDR300 (one stick)
Case : 1U
CPU cooler : low-profile squirrel fan
Disk : 160 Gb Seagate Barracuda V


This is my fileserver, it has my UNIX home directory and exports it using NFS and SMB. It also runs a half-life server, a web server, DHCP etc. etc. It has a backup power source that lasts at least 30 minutes. I also run screen on this computer to keep my chat and emacs sessions alive while I play games on Adenin. This computer also runs Mandrake 7.1+updates. It is connected to the same KVM switch as Kehleyr.
Memory : 2 x 256Mb PC133
Motherboard : ASUS TUV4X
CPU : Pentium III 1000 EB (1Ghz) FC-PGA coppermine
Graphics : 3dfx Voodo3 3000
Disk : 160 Gb Seagate Barracuda V
CD : Mitsumi 8x
Floppy : noname
Printer : Canon BJ-200
Case : Koolance with cpu, graphics and HD coolers
Ethernet : Netgear FA310TX (connected to internal network)
Ethernet : Netgear FA310TX (connected to Comcast Cable)
SCSI : Diamond Fireport 40
Tape streamer : VXA-1(33Gb + compression per tape)
Wireless Ethernet : Lucent wavelan 11Mbit silver


This is my portable computer (on which I am actually typing this). The wireless ethernet makes it a convenient workplace anywhere inside or outside the house. Mandrake 7.1 and Windows 98 SE.
Model : HP Pavilion N3190
CPU : Celeron 466 Mobile
Graphics : Lynx Motion EM (Hint for people running linux with this chipset: Use XFree86 3.3.6 and do NOT put Option "power_saver" in XF86Config, because that causes problems. Configure your BIOS to do the screen blanking instead.
Sound/Modem : ESS Maestro 3P
Mouse : pad + Sony Vaio 2-button external mouse
Screen : 14.1" 1024x768 pixel TFT
Wireless Ethernet : Lucent wavelan 11Mbit silver
Ethernet : 100Mbit 3com 3CXFE575BT pcmcia with xjack


This is my second portable computer, I got it so that Monica and I can be online at the same time while watching TV. :) It too has wireless ethernet. Mandrake 7.2b and Windows 98 SE.
Model : NEC Versa 6030X
CPU : Pentium 133
Graphics : Chips & Technologies CT65550
Sound/Modem : Unknown 33k6 builtin
Mouse : pad
Screen : 12" 1024x768 pixel TFT
Wireless Ethernet : Lucent wavelan 11Mbit silver
Ethernet : 10Mbit 3com pcmcia with modem


This is our tivo, I couldn't think up a more original name for it so I just called it "tivo". It runs linux and has a web server that allows me to see what it has recorded and to download shows for archiving.
Model : Philips HDR312
Disk : 60 Gb Seagate Barracuda IV
Disk : 80 Gb Seagate Barracuda IV
Ethernet : 100Mbit TurboNET

My PS2

Ok, so it's a game console, but game consoles are people too. :)
Model : Sony Playstation 2
Controllers : 2 original
Memory Cards : 1 ps2 + 1 psx

My Dreamcast

Ok, so it's a game console, but game consoles are people too. :) (Especially if they have ethernet :)
Model : Sega Dreamcast
Controllers : 2 original + 2 cheap ones
Lightguns : 2
Memory Cards : 1 vmu and 1 massive memory card
Extras : VGA converter box
Extras : 2 x Total Control 5 (PC keyboard/mouse converters)
Ethernet : SEGA Broadband adapter


This is some leftover hardware which makes up a diskless computer. I don't use it anymore though.
CPU : Pentium 200
Memory : 4 x 32Mb EDO
Case : (possibly addtronics)
Graphics : Diamond Sealth 2Mb
Ethernet : Netgear FA310TX
Floppy : noname
CPU cooler : Kanie Hedgehog without fan


This computer is on my "don't know what to do with it" pile.
Motherboard : Sony
CPU : AMD K6-III 400 + Powerleap PL-K6-III
Ethernet : Netgear FA310TX
Graphics : ATI All-in-wonder
3d graphics : Diamond Monster 3d II (3dfx Voodo2)
Sound : integrated Yamaha OPL SAx
CD : Sony CDU
DVD decoder card : Creative Dxr3
Memory : 96Mb
Disk : 6 Gb Fujitsu
Floppy : mitsumi + Iomega Zip drive
Case : Sony

Old cytocin.hubbe.net

This used to be cytocin.hubbe.net, but the motherboard seems to be fried. Even if it was working, I wouldn't know what to do with it.
Case : InWin
Memory : 2 x 128Mb PC100
CPU : Pentium II 400Mhz (running at 412Mhz)
Sound : ESS 1864 Audiodrive

Other hardware

This is other hardware that goes with the computers, but not with any particular one..
Switch : Netgear FS108 8-port 100/10Mbit
Hub : Netgear DS104 4-port 100/10Mbit
Gamepad : Logitech Wingman Gamepad

Unused hardware

This is the stuff that I don't use or don't know where to install yet.
Graphics : Nvidia GeForce 2 GTS 64Mb
VGA cooler : Zalman ZM80A-HP
Printer : ALPS MD-1000
Joystick : Logitech Wingman Extreme digital (which is not really digital at all...)
IDE controller : Promise ATA66
Video-to-USB converter : From X10, but made by someone else...
Webcam : X10 X-cam anywhere
other X10 stuff : Video sender/receiver, remote sender, dimmer modules, etc. etc.
Remote : X10 firecracker
Motherboard : ASUS P2B-L
Ethernet : Intel EtherExpress 100 (on motherboard)
Disk : 3.6Gb Quantum Fireball
CPU : Pentium III 733Mhz (133Mhz FSB)
Remote : X10 mouseremote
X10 : powerline interface
SCSI terminator : Yamaha CDRW 4260 (broken)
KVM switch : Belkin 4-port
CPU cooler : 2 x Senfu water cooling kit
Disk : 2 Gb maxtor
Disk : 4 Gb Quantum Fireball
Disk : 1.2 Gb Connor
CPU : Pentium III 733Mhz FC-PGA coppermine
Keyboard : noname (swedish)
Keyboard : LiteON
Mouse : KeyTronic Life series
Ethernet : Netgear FA311TX
Ethernet : Linksys 10Mbit
CPU : Pentium 233 MMX
Keyboard : swedish noname
Modem : US Robotics Sportster 56K
Modem : US Robotics Sportster 33.6K
Modem : Diamond monster 3d (3dfx voodo 1)
Fan : Pabst 120x120x32mm fan
Tape streamer : Tecmar DITTO + controller card
(10Gb compressed data per tape)
Monitor : Smile 17" (The Red color is broken on it)
Motherboard : Tyan Titan VX AT (Model# S1470)


This is hardware which is dead, but which I still keep around for some reason.
Motherboard : ABIT VP6
Thermal monitor : DigiDoc 5

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