Got Pike?
with an allen wrench holder

What you will need:


This one might stretch your cram-fu quite a bit. To get everything in, you have to do things in the right order. Unfortunatly I forgot to take pictures of this process, so a description will have to do:
  1. Glue the 5mm magnet in place first to hold the allen wrench in place.
  2. The charge port needs to go in first, secure with nut.
  3. then you can put the battery in.
  4. Put the wires that go up to the blade in. There is a slot for a JST connector on the back of the chassis for the power wires.
  5. Slot the button assembly into the bottom of the chassis.
  6. Slide the chassis into grenade section.
  7. Secure the button assembly (and the chassis) with the provided screw
  8. Now, squish all your wires into place and insert the 31mm speaker.
  9. secure board with capton tape

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