Configuration and Fonts
Got Pike?
with lots of leds

What you will need:

The presets

font track main blade style control box style pommel style
Kyberphonic OB4 Star Wars Title Standard Sky Blue none none
Kyberphonic OB4 Duel of the fates Standard Sky Blue Standard Black Standard Black
Hero Pack Obi-Wan Walls closing in Standard Sky Blue Cylon Fan
Unlightstable Dark Deed OnSpark Cyan RGB Cylon Marble
Unstable Duel of the Fates Unstable Red Unstable Red Unstable Red
Hero Pack Ashoka Venus OnSpark Green Random Red/Green blink OnSpark Green
Hero Pack Mace Windu Mars InOutSparkTip Magenta VU Meter InOutSparkTip Magenta
Fire Mars FireStyle FireStyle FireStyle
Proxima Centauri Cantina Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow
Spectrum Song none Synced to music Synced to music Synced to music
Despicabl Me "BeeDoo" none Rotating Red Standard Black Standard Black
Father Imperial Bells Candycane Standard Black Standard Black
Electric Staff Uranus Strobe Strobe Strobe

Putting everything together

Most of the presets are pretty straightforward to replicate. Just get the font, put it on the SD card and off there you go. However, the spectrum song and the despicable me presets require a little more work. For the despicable me font, I simply grabbed the "bee boo" sound, made sure it looped ok, saved it as "humm.wav" in the font directory. Then I added the "it's so fluffy I'm gonna die" quote as "font.wav".

The spectrum song preset is a little more complicated. First you need to obtain the spectrum song video, then export the audio from that as 16-bit PCM, 44100Hz, Mono. Save that has "humm.wav" in your font directory. Second, you must must compile the videotoblc program. It comes with ProffieOS, but is a separate program. videotoblc also relies on having "ffmpeg" installed, so if you don't have that, it's not going to work. Once you have videotblc and ffmpeg installed, you should be able to run "videotblc spectrum_song.mp4 >humm.blc" to get a BLC file. Put that file in your font directory, and then everything should work as in my demo.

Problems? Questions? Suggestions? Check out The Crucible.

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