LED ring pommel
Got Pike?
with lots of LEDs

What you will need:


The Sk6805 LEDs are really fiddly to get right. You will almost certainly need a hot-air station, and you're probably going to need to test and re-work the LEDs a few times to get all 30 LEDs to work. There are 5 spots for 0603 resistors on the back of the PCB, but only one of them is really used. The others are there to hold the PCB in place. Once the PCB is put together, it shouldlook something like this:

Now we just need to pop it into the pommel. Then add the pommel cap and the PCB holder and screw everything together. Solder the other 3-pin connector to the pogo pin PCB.

Then connect the two 3-pin connectors together and pop the pogo pin pcb into place. Make sure to twist everything a bit to wrap the wires around the PCB holder, or it won't fit. Then it should look like the top picture.


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