Teensy Saber Electronics V3.0
Got Pike?
DIY Teensy based lightsaber

Download TeensySaber 3.0 KiCad files here.

What you will need: Follow this handy guide for how to put everything together. Note that the markings on the board are not great for locating where to put the components, so I recommend printing out a component map and the list above, then cross things off as you go.


SVG Picture created as teensysaberv2.sch.svg date 2017/08/31 21:46:21 Picture generated by Eeschema-SVG

Changes from previous version (2.3)

  • Replaced analog 2.6W amplifier with a 3.0W digital amplifier
  • 0.1 inch smaller

Problems? Questions? Suggestions? Check out The Crucible.

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