Monica Mieko Hübinette

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This is (beleive it or not) my wife. I wrote this page before she made her own homepage. Now this page is maybe obsolete, but I like the pictures. :)


Monica, or Mo and I live in Seattle. It's a long trip from Sweden to get here, but I simply love it here. I actually met her on NannyMUD in autumn 94. Then I met her in person that christmas and since then she has been the great love of my life.


I don't know if you can tell, but she is half Japanese, and a real babe. If you don't beleive me you need a grapical WWW browser. :) This picture was taken when one of her friends got married. It's a bit dark, but it's still a really nice picture.


Even though her last name is German, she is a 100% American girl. She hasn't decided what she wants to do with her life yet, but she's into computers, alternative music and me. Oh yeah, and she likes Star Trek, always a plus. :)

Here's a poem she's written that I love:

My Love

Fate has put us so far apart.
The injustices of life are so frustrating
Because just thinking about you
Makes me ache deep down in my heart.

I wonder if someone dislike us above..
For I can only wait, dream and hope
That we can find a means to meet
And be given a chance to find love.

Monica Mieko Hübinette

Me and Mo

It's been a hard road for her and me, as I used to live halfway around the world from Seattle, and the tribulations aren't over yeat. We still have to convince the US government that I can stay here.

Monica "legs" Hübinette

Mo often says her legs are her best feature. I have hard time deciding myself, she has so many wondeful features. The picture to the right will let you judge for yourself. Click it to get a larger picture. Mo was kind of annoyed that she had her eyes closed in the picture because her dad made her laugh when he took the picutre. It does show her long wonderful legs though.

Written by Fredrik Hübinette - The happiest man in the world.