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Quake Secrets and Walkthrough

Level Secrets for QUAKE by Id Software Inc. Compiled by Brandon Fish ( for the Quake Stomping Grounds 8/1/96

Welcome To Quake

Nightmare Difficulty - To get there, go through the fourth episode and go into the pool backwards. Now swim forward to the wall before you fall through the bottom of the pool. You should now be sitting on the ledge that leads to the Nightmare level.

Episode 1 - Dimension of the Doomed

E1M1: The Slipgate Complex

  1. Forward and to the right of the start is a legde with flashing lights. Shoot the wall nearest the start on that ledge (the one with the red design on it). There will be a box of shells behind it. Also, the guys at id are nice enough to tell you to shoot this one if you try to use it.

  2. Underneath the first bridge you come to is a river. It flows into a cavern. Enter this cavern. Walk through the cavern. Around the time you pass by a set of steps containing a 100 health item and a door to the end of the level, the game will register a secret. At the end of the cavern is a lift taking you back up to the blue armor at the start.

  3. Past the first bridge is a door. Enter the door and kill the monsters. To the right of the entrance is a column and a ledge. Go to the corner between the ledge and the column. Shoot the globe texture high up on the column. A platform will rise and you will be on the ledge. Turn to your right and shoot the globe texture on the ledge. The wall behind the globe will open, leading to a quad damage item.

  4. To the left of the door past the bridge is a large hall. Follow it to the right. There is a large, shallow pool of slime and a button on the wall. Push the button and a platform will slide out from the wall. Halfway across the platform, turn to your left. There will be a red target in a depression slightly above your the level of your head. Shoot it and turn to your left. A door in a wall will open, revealing a double barreled shotgun.

  5. Past the platform over the pool is a door. Go through the door and head forward and to the right. Go down the walkway and turn left. Go down the walkway again and turn left. There will be a button and a light in front of you. Jump onto the bannister. Jump onto the light. Either step or jump onto the button (sometimes you fall off when you step, but jumping is very difficult). Look at the wall in front of you. There will be a ledge and two blocks jutting out. Jump to the lowest block. Jump up to the next block and to the ledge. Inside is a 100 health item.

  6. Go all the way down the walkway. There will be a door. To the right and behind a column will be a biosuit. Take it. You can't dawdle now, as the biosuit doesn't give you much more time than you need. Jump into the slime. Swim underneath the door. Follow the tunnel to where it opens into a slightly larger area. There will be a platform overhead. Swim up an opening in the platform. If you are running low on air, you can swim up to the platform from the tunnel, but you must step over the opening before the game registers the secret. There should be a latform with a yellow armor and some health on it. There is also a slipgate to the area over the door past the bridge (back around secret #3)

E1M2: Castle of the Damned

  1. From the start, go forward until you reach the wall. Turn right. Forward again. Turn left. There will be a bridge over a pool of water. There will also be a large red symbol on an archway over the bridge. Go onto the bridge. To the left, there will be a double barrelled shotgun. Jump off and swim underneath the area of the gun. Swim under and arch and to the right. Follow the passage. There will be a bridge above you all the way. You will eventually reach a pool. To the left of the entrance will be a wall with a symbol high up on it. Walk in front of it and it will open up. There will be 25 health, a box of nails, and a slipgate to the ledge opposite the one containg the double barreled shotgun.

  2. Get to the bridge with the big red symbol over it. Jump off and swim underneath it, going away from the symbol. You will swim under an arch and come into a small room. There will be a ramp on the left. Walk up the ramp.

  3. Cross the bridge with the red symbol. Turn to the right and walk through the door. Turn to the left. Climb the staircase. There will be a column to your right and midway across the room. Go to the side of the column facing outward. A small plate of stone is on the column. Push it. A door to the right will open to give you a quad damage item.

E1M3: The Necropolis

  1. From the start: Forward and to the left. Get the grenade launcher. Turn to the left. There will be an ogre behind a set of bars and a couple of other monsters. There will be two paths: one through the door and a set of steps leading down. Take the steps. Go along the passage until you reach a bridge. Jump down. To the left of the bridge and behind where you came from is an alcove. Shoot the back of the alcove and the wall will open. There will be rockets and health inside.

  2. Starting from the same bridge described in #1, cross the bridge and turn right. There will be a short passge, two sets of stairs, and a platform down. Go down and turn to face the left wall of the passage you just went down. There is a short corridor leading to a shallow lake. To your left will be the gold key. Take it. Turn slightly to the left. There will be an area of the wall darker and with a slightly different texture from the rest. Go right up to it. You will fall beneath the water. Ahead is a short passage. Swim through it and up to land. There will be a ring of the shadows there.

  3. From the area with the ogre behind bars (described in secret #1), take the door. Get the nailgun and shoot the symbol. Go down the steps and follow the passage. There will be a series of platforms. Go across the platforms. You will reach a locked door. Open it (it uses the key described in secret #1). Follow the passage. Jump down to a set of tunnels filled with slime. Go forward, turn left, forward again, left, first tunnel on the right, and up the ramp. There will be an ogre behind you. Kill him, press the button on the ledge he was on. Kill the zombies. Open the door. Above you will be two ogres on platforms. To your right is a yellow armor blocked by two sets of two bars each. Killing the ogres above removes the bars. Shoot the wall behind the armor. A wall will open, revealing a slipgate. Go through the slipgate. You will be on the platforms that the ogres were standing on. There are rockets here.

E1M4: The Grisly Grotto

  1. Through the door at the start there is a set of spiral stairs. On the left and right at the top are two red symbols. Shoot them. The celing will fall, revealing a yellow suit of armor. Sometimes you are able to crush the knights below with the celing.

  2. From the bottom of the stairs, go through the passage. You will come upon a deep lake. Get the biosuit. Dive down andhead beneath the structure. Surface and wander around until you get the silver key (no, I'm not going to guide you through the whole level). Jump off again. Halfway down on the right wall is a tiny passage leading to a set of rockets.

  3. From the pier with the silver key. Jump off and swim in the direction of the pier. Surface on the other side. Go through the door and to the left. Follow the passage. You should reach a small body of blue slime with a bridge over it. Go to the end of the bridge and ride the platform up. Step on all the touchplates. Two doors wil open in the walls. Enter both and press the buttons. The game should tell you that a secret cave has opened. Jump onto the bridge and head back out to the deep pool where you got the silver key. Along the right wall of the cave will be a large, bright circular opening. Enter it. Swim up. Inside a little room is a grenade launcher, health, and a slipgate to the secret level.

    E1M8: Ziggurat Vertigo (Secret Level)

  4. At the start, you should see a Pentagram of Protection. Get the pentagram and dive into the lava by the bridge. Swim beneath the bridge away from the ziggurat and you will emerge in a small room. There is a quad damage powerup, health, and a slipgate to the bridge in front of the ziggurat.

  5. Behind the silver key door, there is a passage forward and to the left and one to the right. Take the one on the left. Follow it to the end. On your right should be a wall with a dark border on one section. Shoot that section. A door in the wall will open, leading to two boxes of nails.

E1M5: Gloom Keep

  1. Jump to the right and off the bridge you start on. There will be an area sticking out of the wall, almost like a column. Beneath the water is an opening to a box of nails and 100 health.

  2. Cross the bridge at the start and turn right. Follow the walkway and pass through the gate. There should be a stairway in forward and to the right. Jump onto the bannister. Jump across to a ledge that juts out from the wall. Run along the ledge to the platform with the ogre. Jump across. There are rockets and armor on the platform.

  3. Cross the bridge at the start and go throught the gate. Walk along the passageway until you reach a room where you are standing on a Y-shaped platform. From there, take the right fork. Follow the passage and you will come into a large room. Forward and to the left is a staircase. On the right will be a square area with a column in the center. Walk up to the column. Jump up and hit the torch with your head. Behind the column, a door will open in the wall, revealing yellow armor and a touchplate to open the wall if it closes on you.

  4. From the same large room described in secret #3, go forward and to the left, climbing the staircase. To the right is another set of stairs and an octogonal room with a slipgate to the gold key. Go behind the slipgate and step through. You will end up near the start on top of the building you enter. There is a quad damage nearby.

  5. When you fall down the passage to the exit slipgate, turn around. The wall will look turned --- it has roll added to it. Shoot the wall. The wall will open, leading to a slipgate back at the gold key doors.

E1M6: The Door to Chthon

  1. From the start, jump down. To the left will be a corridor. At the end is a design suspended over lava. Ahead of that is a door which opens as you walk down the corridor, and to the left is another door. Enter the door ahead of you. Turn to the right. There should be an obvious, but still hidden door ahead and a room forward and to the right. Walk in front of that room. Turn to face away from the room and look up. There will be a red Q symbol. Shoot it. The hidden door, now to your right, will open. Ride the lift up onto the air ducts. Walk to the edge and look down and to your left. You should see the celing of the room below. Jump onto the celing. There will be a quad damage powerup there.

  2. Go to the room to the left of the design suspended over lava. Push the button with the Q. Fall into the pit that opens behind you. Wait for the stairs to form and then walk down them. There is a passage with useful 100 health item at one end and a spiked wall at the other. As you enter, bars come down and block your exit, a wall opens, revealing several ogres, and the spiked wall begins to come towards you. Kill the ogres and escape. Come back to this area. The bars will be up and you will be able to enter. This time, the bars will not go down, and the wall will move as soon as you enter. Trigger the wall and go back. Wait for the wall to pass and go behind it. There will be a slipgate which leads to a super nailgun and a box of nails. You will also be able to jump to a landing with a 100 health box.

  3. Below the start is a completely dark room. Once you get the silver key, this room lights up. Cross the pit in this room and go to the end of the passage. Turn left. You should be facing a set of stairs with a closed door at the top. To the right of the stairs is a column and a large chamber with a big switch in it. Hit the switch. Go to the side of the column that points away from the chamber. There will be a red symbol. Shoot it. The stairs with the closed door will lower. At the bottom is a box of rockets.

  4. Stay at the bottom of the stairs in #3 until they rise again. There will be a slipgate down a smallflight of stairs. Walk through. You will be on a ledge. On another ledge across from the one you are on is a 100 health box.

    Defeating the Boss of E1M7 - You can only damage him by using lightning. Use the middle button on the to electrify him. Use the two side buttons to reposition the 'trodes to fry is chunky ass.

Episode 2 - The Realm of Black Magic

E2M1: The Installation

  1. Near the very beginning of the level, you come to a room with a barracade, the way leading to the gold key door, and the way leading to a huge room with lots of water and a bridge. Go to the bridge...and walk across the bridges half-way. Turn left, and hop in. As you sink, you'll notice a section where the celing is lower than the surface of the water. Swim to the far corner of the area with the low celing, and look up. You should see a tunnel leading up. Swim up it, and at the top will be a red armor. - SirGarland

  2. After you get the gold key, a door will open behind you, and one of those plasma-shooting fellows will be there. Jump into the water right under that opening, and follow the paths to a ramp. Climb the ramp, and you'll be in a secret area (this one's not too hard to find). - SirGarland

  3. Go back to the room where the gold key was. You'll notice 2 sets of bars on opposite sides of the room. One set (the set to your right if you're facing the back wall) has a small ledge at the top, and a small, hard to see staircase to it's side. Climb the tiny stairs (you'll probabky have to jump), and jump on the ledge. Then just walk through the wall. It's one of those fake walls. There's a +100 health inside if I remember correctly - SirGarland

  4. Go to where you get (or got) the silver key. From that room, go down the stairs, and you'll be in a room with a left path, a right path, and some water in the middle. Jump in the water...and swim until you reach a grate on the floor. Shoot or chop that grate (you'll most likely have to "look down" with the DELETE key), and go down in side it. At the bottom, you'll see a path leading somewhere else, and another grate. Hit the grate (this opens secret 5), and the follow the path. You'll end up in a room with a few goodies and a teleporter. Don't leave yet... - SirGarland

  5. In room you got to in secret 4, there is another hidden room branching off the hidden room. If you hit the second grate, it should already be open. If you didn't, go back and hit it. You'll find some invincibility inside. - SirGarland

  6. This one is in the room with the huge steel cage with a bunch of boxes (?) inside. Hit the switch on one side of the cage, and it'll allow you to get to a little elevator. Don't take the elevator up yet...just walk right past it. You can shoot the wall to the left of you to reveal a room with a Quad Damage. - SirGarland

  7. This last one is in the huge cage. Once you are at the top, and you're walking around the top of the cage, there is a section with some bars that are farther apart, and you can squeeze through. Go to the bottom of the cage, and you'll find a yellow armor. - SirGarland

E2M2: The Ogre Citadel

  1. Near the very beginning, right after you decend the first staircase, jump into the river. Head to the left...and go into the little cave, and walk to the back wall. An elevator will take you up to a +100 health box. - SirGarland

  2. From where you got the +100 health box in secret 1, continue into the water. Exit the mini room you are in, and go to the left. Keep on going to the left...along that path...under the bridge...and into the mini room on the far wall. Go up the stairs to the grenade launcher. - SirGarland

  3. At the end of secret 2, you will come out of the secret room into a hallway. In this hallway...go a little to your right...and on the right wall will be a window...and you'll be able to see an Ogre across from you. Jump out this window, but stay close to the that you land on the bridge. Follow the bridge, get the armor, and keep going to the +100 health box - SirGarland

E2M3: The Crypt of Decay

  1. You know the very first bridge...the one with the armor and the fork with the two paths? Well, sidestep off of the bridge while facing the armor. Move forward, and under the bridge, you'll see an underwater hallway. Go through this hallyway till you reach a bigger room. Turn left and go in to the room with the arrows pointing to it's doorway. The continue on to the end of the room, and take the first right you see. You'll go up some stairs, out of the water, and into a secret. - SirGarland

  2. After you get the gold key, 3 doors will open (I think some enemies pop out as well) revealing 3 tiny rooms. Go into the one to your right, and shoot the back wall. It will open (duh). Go in, and pick up the +100 health box. If you jump into the water you'll notice two things. One, a yellow armor, and two, a barricade. Keep this in mind later. - SirGarland

  3. The very last intersection of the level has 2 leads to the regular exit, and another to a room with five boxes, 2 stacks of 2 boxes, and one in the middle. Go to the room with the boxes. On the ceiling will be a red switch. Shoot it, and a door will open above the middle box. Go through it, get the +100 health box...and hit the other switch. It will open that barricade from secret 2. Go back to that barricade, go through it, and up the ramp. You'll see a circle(ish) teleporter that will take you to this episode's secret level, The Underearth. - SirGarland

  4. At the room with the arched bridge that leads to the gold door, there is a zombie way over on a platform who snipes at you. If you aim a grenade really high you can nail him. When he dies, the wall will open immediately to the left of the gold door, revealing a passage to the zombie's platform and his goodies. - Branden Robinson

    EXTRA - The Well of Wishes - After running through the hallway with spikes and across the bridge turn around and look to the right. There is a poorly lit ledge with a Quad damage. Jump to the ledge (easier if you jump more towards the right from the exit of the spike area. If you look really close, there is a tiny ledge you can follow. Follow it around until you see a little area that you can jump up into. There it a water pit you can jump into. Presto! You're into the well of wishes and DopeFish is there waiting for you. - David Fagerland

E2M7: Underearth (Secret Level)

  1. To the left of the gold door is a brick sticking out of the wall. Push it in, and you'll lower a near-by column to receive a Quad Damage - SirGarland

  2. After going through the gold key door, you will come upon a room that's basically a winding bridge over a slime pit. After getting across the bridge, look back across the slime pit and underneath, you will see a small opening that you can get through. Jump into the pit and go into the area. There you'll pick up the Bio-suit. As you're leaving the bio-suit alcove, you'll see 3 pillars. Just beyond the 3rd pillar is an area where you can dive down below the slime and get the Red-Armor. Comeback up and use the button on the wall to get out of the slime. - BraFish

    EXTRA - Shoot all the gargoyle faces once. On the first shot, they bleed. Once they have all been shot, go back to the second niche in the long flashing corridor and shoot the wall. - It opens revealing a small room similar to the Dopefish on E2M3. It has Tim Willits's initials inside. - themok

E2M4: The Ebon Fortress

    1- From the start, hop down and into the water, go right and go into the cave entrance on the left next to the grenade launcher. Go through the entrance and into the next room of water. Then take the entrance on the left and turn left immediately after you go through the entrance. You will see a platform with a set of steps in front of you and dragon windows to the right and left of you up high. Go straight until you hit a wall and turn left. Walk through the pasageway until you hit an elevator, take that up and go over the bridge to the next room, walk down the stairs and turn around to the left and go into the inlet next to the stairs. Shoot the wall and it will open to rockets and 200 life. - Matt McClure

  1. From that point, go up the stairs and to the right where there is a wooden floor that is slanted against the wall. Turn right and look to the wall ahead. There should be a wooden section that you will shoot. It will open and there is a tiny ledge along the wall to the left that will able u to get there. - Matt McClure

  2. In the room where you find the silver key, turn to the right when you get off the moving platform and go into the gap where there is toxic slime under you. Swim down and left there will be a secret area with red armor. - Matt McClure

  3. From the start go hop into the water and rub against the wall to the right of the island with the grenade launcher. You will start to sink into the secret area with Quake Damage and Yellow Armor. - Matt McClure

    E2M5: The Wizard's Manse

  4. Near the very beginning is a bridge with a rock column by it. Jump off the bridge and into the water...and swim around the rock column. You'll eventually see an opening. Swim inside it, and an elevator will take you to a secret area. - SirGarland

  5. After getting the gold key, turn back around go back the way you came. When you turn right, look to your right again and you will notice that the texture of the wall doesn't continue in one section. Shoot it to enter, and get the Armor AND the Quad Damage! - BraFish

E2M6: The Dismal Oubliette

  1. On the "second floor" of the tower by the gold key barrier, there's an intersection with 3 ways. If you're coming from the elevator, the path in front of you, and to your left will take you to switches. The path behind you will take you back to the elevator. To your right is a wall. Shoot the wall, and go inside. That's the secret. - SirGarland

  2. When you go into the room with water in front of two out post like snipering cages up above to the right and the left, soon as you get the bar open on the opening to the left after you have gone underwater and into the structure, go past where the bar was and hop into the water. Then go down and turn around under water. Head towards the wall and turn to see a Quake Power. -Matt McClure

Episode 3 - The Netherworld

E3M1: Termination Central

  1. Go to the big platform that is over the toxic pool, and where you find the Quake damage, and go to the other side and hop off into the toxic sludge and swim straight down and you will see an opening in the wall near the floor, go trough it and it will have a teleporter and a lot of stuff as it takes you to 200 life and other things. - Matt McClure

  2. On that same platform, as you enter, just barely hop off the side between the two stairs on the side of the platform where the inlets to a pathway are. Then look around and there will be an elevator that will also take you up to the top of the platform structure. - Matt McClure

  3. With your back facing the Gold Door, go into the opening in the metal boxes ahead and hop up to the highest point and shoot at the disfunctional looking wall. - Matt McClure

  4. With your back facing the Gold Door, go past the metal boxes, hop to the left of the elevator and hop into the shadows ahead. There is a thin ledge on the wall in the shadows, once you have gotten on it, turn left to find the Quake Power. - Matt McClure

  5. From the start, after you go down the elevator and down the first ramp to the left, shoot the darkened part of the wall on the right. It will open up, revealing the red armor. - BraFish

E3M2 - Vaults of Zin

  1. Turn down the first passageway to the left. There will be a passageway to the right where you have to jump to the Grenade Launcher. After getting the weapon, turn around and look down. Just past the lava near your feet are some zombies and a 100 Power-Up that you can grab. - BraFish

  2. In the area at the same level of the Crucifiction wall, there is a texture on the right that looks a little wrong. Shoot it and open up a teleporter to the walkways above. - BraFish

  3. Shoot the area of the wall just to the left of the Crucifiction. It will reveal an area containing the invisibility ring. - BraFish

    EXTRA - If you shoot the small skull on the wall in the room where you have to drop down on the button surrounded by lava (you know the place) it will give you a quad damage, but won't register a secret. - BraFish

E3M3 - The Tomb of Terror

  1. After going up the staris that come out of the lava, look up and to the right and you will see a big "Q" switch that you can shoot, opening up a teleporter below. It takes you above the lava room to the awaiting red armor. - BraFish

  2. After going up the stairs that come out of the lava, turn right at the 4 way intersection. The room at the end of the short hall contains a small strip of water. Dive in and collect the 100 health at the bottom. - BraFish

E3M4 - Satan's Dark Delight

  1. After activating the bridge to get across to the rocket launcher, continue going all the way across to the other side. After turning the corner to the left, and down the ramp into the room, you'll notice a ledge just above you. To get up there, go up the other ramp out of the room. On the right side of the ramp on the wall, you'll notice what looks like blocks that will come out and be stairs. Actually, you can walk right up them as if they were stairs. There's a few goodies up there. - BraFish

  2. While riding the platforms in the water chasm, it will go past several ledges. One small ledge in particular is the last one to pass before the moving platform goes to the "crushing" area where the button to raise the bridge is. Jump on this small platform, and walls will open up that will take you to a LARGE assortment of goodes. - BraFish

  3. Inside the secret to area #2 shoot the light farthest to the left in the base of the wall on the left side of the room. It will open a small closet with a 666 Armor. - grifter

  4. After riding the platforms and raising the bridge to get to the other side of the water chasm, you'll enter a rising platform that will take you to a small square room. You'll notice that one of the six lights is yellow, not white. Shoot it, and it will open a door to the Invulnerability. - BraFish

    EXTRA - After going down the long stairway at the end of which is the Lightning gun, turn around and look behind the stairs. There are two ledges over looking a hole that will take you to the secret level.

E3M7 - The Haunted Halls (Secret Level)

  1. Just past the area with the yellow armor, there is a lift that takes you up to where a button opens the dor to the "box" wth the vore in it. Go up the lift, and then jump back off and walk into the hole underneath the lift. You'll get a 100 Health. - BraFish

  2. In the room right before the "box" with the vore in it, (where the yellow armor is) there are two grates to the right. One of them has a small landing in front of it. Shoot it and get the Quad Damage. You'll need it for the vore. - BraFish

  3. After running through the nail trap, there is button on the wall to the left to lower the elevator. Look up above the ceiling there, and there is a small Q button that you can shoot to open the door to some armor and the Quad Damage. - BraFish

  4. After running through the nail trap, press the button on the wall to the left to lower the elevator. Go up to the bridge on the upper level and look down to the right. You should see a cage. Jump on top of the cage and a door will open in front of you leading you to the Invulnerability. - BraFish

E3M5 - Wind Tunnels

  1. After getting out of the first of the "three" tunnels, climb the stairs and go through the passage way. In one of the corners of the passage, you can drop through. The hole drops you into a small room with goodies and a teleporter that will take you to the Quad Damage. - BraFish

  2. When you are on the ledge above a second ledge above a pool (the whole thing is like a ribbed funnel in a way), go to the far side of the ledge from the entrance and face the entrance. On one of the girders overhead there is a quake symbol. Shoot it and a door will open next to the entrance. - William Shubert

  3. In the room with stairs out, a small wind tunnel overhead, and a moat around the edge of the room, jump in the moat and go under the room. The pool here has two exits. One of them leads to a secret room. - William Shubert

  4. At the very end of the level, when you are in the room with the exit teleporter, shoot the floor in the center of the room and it will open up. Jump in, but miss the teleporter under the hole that opened up, and there are some boxes of nails. - William Shubert

E3M6 - Chambers of Torment

  1. In the room next to the area with the silver key, there is a button on the ceiling (which you must shoot) that will open the door leading to the armor that you could see behind the mesh earlier, and to a Quad Damage. - BraFish

  2. In the area after the silver door, turn to the left and take the elevator to the top. On the ceiling above the elevator is a button that when shot will open up the bars behind you to allow you to jump on the girders below. - BraFish

Episode 4 - The Elder World

E4M1 - The Sewage System

  1. At top of elevator, turn right and shoot the wall with computer monitor, revealing yellow armor and quad damage. - Ron Crisco

  2. In room with biosuit near exit slipgate, above the door is a (+) that you shoot. This opens a wall just outside this room with a teleporter that takes you to yellow floorplate near the gold key door. - Ron Crisco

  3. Just beyond the gold key door, there is a ramp where behind you a wall opens letting dogs out, a ledge with quad damage is to your left. Above you are three hanging flourescent lights. Run up the ramp and jump into the 3rd light. You won't be able to hit the light unless you're running up the ramp towards it. It will open the way to the quad damage. - Ron Crisco, BraFish

  4. In the last underwater room before getting to exit slipgate, look up and to your left to see a secret room. - Ron Crisco

E4M2 - The Tower of Despair

  1. In first room, shoot the large red window to reveal knife and push the knife plate. This lowers bars around super shotgun in that room. - Ron Crisco

  2. After the first room, turn right and go all the way to the end. Shoot the wall at the end and find a room with Ring of Shadows and another knife plate. - Ron Crisco

  3. Push this knife plate, shoot the door to reopen it and a hole has opened in the floor outside with armor, leading to the ledge in the first room. - Ron Crisco

  4. There is a suspended platform with an Ogre in front of another red emblem which opens to reveal a passage. To get to this platform you must either teleport from another location or jump and navigate some narrow beams. If you are navigating these beams , and are in the position to run and jump on the suspended platform, turn to your right instead to get to a secret area. Jump onto the beam to get health. - Ron Crisco

  5. After going through the red window from #4, you'll see another knife plate. Turn right and shoot the wall to drop in on another secret area. - Ron Crisco

E4M3 - The Elder God Shrine

  1. After you get to the room with the Scrags up aboveand the small pool of water around a lift, take the lift up to the higher level. The Scrags came from rooms behind the Stained Glass - just walk through the Stained Glass to get goodies. - Ron Crisco

  2. Then take the door to the blue-walled maze. Stay to your right until you find a gold star button on the wall. Push this button to lower you to a secret room. - Ron Crisco

  3. In this secret room, underneath the lift which takes you to second button is a portal which leads to the red armor that you can see when in the scrag room of secret #1. - Ron Crisco

E4M4 - The Palace of Hate

  1. After going up ramp to first room, shoot the dagger/sun symbol above the archway in front of the large red window, then turn around fast to kill the demon who jumps out at you. Get the pentagram of protection where he was hiding. - Ron Crisco

  2. Through the archway you'll see a small pool of water. Jump into this "Healing Pool" for great health and it counts as a secret. - Ron Crisco

  3. In the maze of blue bricks you'll see a section of the wall lower than the rest - knights everywhere! On the opposite wall is an identical section which is still raised. Trigger it by running all the way to the end of the hall, then toward that section. Ride up then jump off the other side to a secret room with quad damage and super nailgun. Teleport from here to the ring of shadows just beyond the guillotine. - Ron Crisco

  4. There is a wooden platform that raises to take you to upper level. Trigger that platform and then back up off it and go under it. This leads you to red armor that you can see underneath stairs just past this platform. - Ron Crisco

  5. Near silver key is a portal which you can rocketjump into for this secret. Either shoot the rocket launcher straight into the ground and jump at the same time, or drop a grenade into the hole underneath and jump when it explodes. - Ron Crisco

    E4M5 - Hell's Atrium

  6. In the maze of Zombies you'll see a Hell-Knight shooting you from one level up. If you have pressed the right switch (I press em all!) , you can find the elevator which leads up to the level he's on very near where he is standing. After going up there, jump in green slime to get pentagram of protection. - Ron Crisco

  7. From the Hell-Knight's position in secret 1, run across the ledges you see to get to this secret. First, run left and jump over the break. the turn right and you'll see a wall - go to the left of this wall but don't turn, just stay next to wall. Then turn left and jump over break to get to secret area. This leads to the opening that you can see later in room with wooden arches - from there you can jump on arches for more goodies. - Ron Crisco

  8. Secret #2 leads to a beam, and jumping from beam to beam takes you to a cell, which is a secret. Ron Crisco

  9. In the room behind gold door, step on floorplate in middle of room to activate elevator, ride elevator up and shoot red sun symbol to activate floor section in front of you. Jump across this to get to secret room. - Ron Crisco

    EXTRA - At the end of the level, you need to the silver key to lower a bridge to get across to the exit. DON'T activate the bridge. Instead, hop across on the sticks sticking out of the lava. (It ain't easy. Save early, save often. I've only been able to actually do it once.) Once you're safely across turn to your left and you'll see a gigantic door that you need the silver key to open. (You did bring it with you after all that didn't you?) It takes you to the Secret Level E4M8. - BraFish

E4M8 - The Nameless City (Secret Level)

  1. Follow the passage that starts underneath the platform with the gold key on it. Take the passage that goes to the right and follow it up the small ramp. Just to the right, you'll see a button on a wall over a passage. Run and jump to press the button. This will open up a wall with zombies. Just past where the zombies are is a platform that will take you up to a small room with a shambler. Jump down the small hole in the room, and it will drop you onto a small ledge which leads you to the red armor. Whew! - BraFish

  2. In the room that the ramp leads to from #1, there is a large hole that overlooks another hole with a small ledge around it. Jump to the ledge and look down. You should see some water at the bottom, but a small ledge with some health (and a Quad!) half-way down. Jump to the small ledge and get the goodies. - BraFish

  3. Jump down into the water after secret #2. Press the button on the right side of the room to lower the walkway into an elevator. Ride the walkway up to the rest of them. Jump into the square cage in the middle of the room. Activate the button inside. The cage will lower into a room filled with zombies. Shoot the switch on the wall to get out. Follow the passageway out of the dark room and press the switch at the end to activate the elevator. Ride the platform up to the top and jump through the window. Follow the short passageway until you can see the gold key in front of you. Jump to get the gold key. Hop down and go to the gold doors at the end of the long hall. Go inside and collect. I know what you're thinking, all that for that?? - BraFish

  4. After entering the silver door, turn right and go up the ramp. Kill the zombies below the mesh. To get under there, you can drop down through one of the triangle shaped openings. Press the button to get out. - BraFish

    EXTRA - At the ledge overlooking the hole from secret #2, shoot the wall with the same texture as the floor. It opens to a room with a few odds and ends. - BraFish

E4M6 - The Pain Maze

  1. In room that you drop down into from beginning, look behind the blue columns to find a star push plate. This reveals a room and elevator in front of you. - Ron Crisco

  2. After leaving the altar room, jump into the little pool just outside of the "church". If you keep an eye on the ceiling as you wander down the passageway underwater. There is a small strip where you can go up to not only take a breather, but also pick up the biosuit and some other items. - BraFish

  3. In the room with portal at top of room, wooden beams in middle and moat all around, there is red armor near the top on a ledge. Get on the beam by the wall nearest the red armor, and then shoot the large circle in ceiling. The beam you're on rises higher and you can jump to the red armor. - Ron Crisco

  4. In the same room as secret #3, underneath the main elevator (activated by the gold key) is a secret room. To get there, shoot the greenish colored wall underneath the water. - BraFish

E4M7 - Azure Agony

  1. You'll run after a Quad Damage and be dropped into slime. You'll see a portal as exit, but run to the right instead to find a second portal. This takes you to red armor. - Ron Crisco

  2. In the big room with the cross of land, and water at the sides, go into the water and shoot the wall underneath the area where the 666 Armor was, it will open a section where a small stash is kept. - BraFish

  3. Also in that same area under water, shoot the wall underneath the area where the Quad damage was. It will open a portal. - Ron Crisco, BraFish

  4. Getting to the area through portal from #3 is counted as another secret. - Ron Crisco

  5. From the ledge in #4, look down and to the left, you'll see a slot that you can see through. (And hear a vore on the other side). Shoot inside to kill the vore and activate a button, to let you in. - BraFish

  6. Jumping down from #4 counts again. It can also be accessed by shooting a switch underneath a staircase nearby, which then raises to that ledge. - Ron Crisco

  7. There is a button underneath the water that opens a secret area near the biosuit in the area of "red bricks". Ron Crisco

  8. The same area as #6 has a darkened area just ahead of secret #4. There are two brightened spots there. Shoot one of them to open a door. - BraFish

  9. Shoot the other as secret #8 to open a symetric door. - BraFish

Shub-Niggurath's Pit

    After you make past (or through if possible) all the badies, you'll come upon a teleporter. Don't go into it, instead, fall off the ledge only slightly and follow the path (without falling into the lava!) to get the Quad Damage! Clean up the rest of the slime if you can, and then....

    Defeating Shub-Niggurath - To defeat her there is only one way to do it.. the same way we all hate to be killed during a deathmatch.. Telefrag! See that spiked ball roaming about? That ball is the destination of the the teleporter. Wait for the ball to follow it's path around the Quad Damage Tower and then into Shub-Niggurath herself. Hop in the door, and BLAMO you're a hero. The easiest way to do it, is to avoid as many of the creatures as you can, and make it to the quad damage tower. Wait there until you see the ball about to enter, and then enter the slipgate, as it drops you right in front of the the other teleporter, and charge forward. Good Luck!

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