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Water Cooling

Water cooling is a very efficient way to cool the cpu, graphics processor and possibly the motherboard chipset in your computer. It requires no fans, make little noise and can deposit some of the heat from your hot computer parts outside of the computer box, which makes it possible to reduce the airflow inside the computer without causing problems.

All this sounds very good, but water cooling has it's drawbacks too. It requires a lot more maintenance, it's more expensive, and it takes some work to set it up. Of course, if you enjoy tinkering with your computers as much as I do, it's a lot of fun too. :)

Please note that I am not an overclocker, I use water cooling to keep my computers quiet and cool. Therefor I do not use fans or peltier-elements.


Water Block Pump Radiator Hose / Tubing Fans

Setting up

Internal / External setup Multiple water blocks Enough water flow? Closed systems?

Ok, now we have a water cooling system, now you just have to maintain it >>>

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