Watercooler MK II

Aug 7th 2001

Here are some pictures from installing my new and upgraded water cooling system. It has bigger and better hoses than my previous attempt. And this time I have some good idea of what to put in the water to prevent rust and bacteria growth.
Radiator parts
(28 Kb)
Here is the Senfu radiator that I am working on. I have followed these instructions to be able to attach 3/8" hose to the radiator. I have also replaced the noisy fans that came with the radiator with fairly quiet cyclone slot fans.
Fan attachements
(27 Kb)
Here you can see how I attached the fans to the radiator. I had to drill some holes, and I used regular computer case screws.
6 volts
(32 Kb)
I hooked up the fans serially so that each fan would get 6 volts. The fans still work and produce a decent airflow, but generate very little noise.
Complete radiator
(30 Kb)
This is what it looks like when put together. I added a little foam rubber to make sure that the air would go through the radiator properly.
Right side up
(25 Kb)
This is the way it will look in operation.
Temperature sensor
(30 Kb)
Here's the parts for the second project; An in-line temperature sensor. The instruction for how to do this can be found here.
Leak testing
(42 Kb)
Testing all the components for leaks. (The pump is in the sink...)
Finished installation
(73 Kb)
Here is what i looks like installed. I used some zip-ties to hold the brass parts in place, and you can see the temperature sensor in there. The black hose is actually for drip-irrication, it seems to be much more kink-resistant than the green hose I used last time.

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