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Various stuff by Fredrik Hubinette.

About me:

  • Me - More stuff than you ever wanted to know about me.
  • My resume - Want to hire me? Check out my resume first.
  • My favourite books - A page with book tips for people who like Science Fiction
  • My favourite FPS games - A list of First Person Shooter-games that I really like.


  • Plugger - Multimedia plugin for Unix Netscape 3.0 or later. Seriously outdated, for software archeologists only.
  • x2vnc - Dual display, one keyboard, for X
  • win2vnc - Dual display, one keyboard, for Windows
  • Home automation software - Some programs I wrote to help automate my house.
  • Mkdvd - Convert movies to DVD and watch them on your TV.
  • Pike hacks - some Pike programs written by me.
  • Auto-recompile.el - An emacs add-on for making compiling easier and faster.
  • Pike - Powerful scripting language with C-like syntax
  • Stltools - Command line tools for manipulating STL files. (STL contain shapes and are commonly used with 3d printers.)


Fun stuff:

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