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On this page you'll find some programs that I run at home. Most of them are Pike modules for interfacing with projectors, light switches, etc. Most of this software is not written with the intent to be configured and used by non-programmers. If you have questions, my email address can be found in the code.

All software on this page is distributed under the terms of the GPL license.

Insteon.pmod 3.4 - Insteon Pike module
This is a small module for talking to a Insteon powerline modem over rs232. Not all functions are supported. The only functions I use right now are reading the link list from the PMD and Setting and querying light levels of various devices. A few more functions are coded, but not tested.

xte.pmod 3.6 - Pike XTE wrapper
A wrapper module around the xte command from the automation package. Used to send fake keypresses to an X11 server. Particularly useful together with irman.pmod.

pioneer_receiver.pmod 3.4 - Pike module for pioneer recivers
This pike module allows you to control and monitor some pioneer receivers. I use it with a VSX1120K, but it probably works with other receivers as well. For VSX1120K, no serial cable is needed as it can be controlled over the network.

  panasonic_projector.pmod 3.3 - Panasonic Projector Pike Module
Small pike module for talking to a panasonic projector over rs232.

irman.pmod 3.2 - IRMAN interface module
This module talks to an IRMAN-compatible module over a serial port. IRMAN modules receiver IR codes from most consumer remotes. This can be used to recieve events and trigger events.

software irdecoder 3.1 - Decode IR with an arduino
An alternate way to decode IR signals using an arduino. Semi-compatible with the IRMAN module above.

monoprice_hdmi_switch.pmod 3.2 - Monoprice 4x4 HDMI switch module
This module talks to an Monoprice 4x4 HDMI matrix switch. It allows you to both monitor the state of the switch and change which input is connected to what output. Note that a special serial cable is needed to monitor the switch. The serial cable needed is described in the code.

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