Control box helper PCB
Got Pike?
with lots of LEDs

What you will need:

This helper board has three functions, and you choose which ones you want to use. All three functions requires the GND pad to be connected to GND on the board.

Connections, from left to right:
  • GND - connect to ground (possibly through USB extension)
  • D- - USB data negative
  • D+ - USB data positive
  • VUSB - USB 5v
  • BT2 - Button 2
  • BT1 - Button 1
  • BRD+ - Connect to BATT+ on the board for kill switch functionality
  • BATT+ - Connect to battery +


For this function, you need one or both of the buttons mounted on the board. Then the button pads can be connected to the BT1 and BT2 pads on the board. For my saber, I don't actually use the buttons, because there are buttons on the side of the saber.

USB extension

For this function, the USB connector needs to be connected to the board. I recommend wiring up GND, D+, D- and VUSB to an USB plug, but if you're really low on space, it is possible to remove the USB connector from the Proffieboard and solder wires directly to the pads underneath. Beware that this requires a high degree of soldering skills.

Kill Switch

To use the kill switch, the pFET is also needed.


Assembly is pretty straightforward, I recommend using the reflow skillet method, but a hot-air reflow station will also work. Just make sure you test everything, especially the USB connections as they are prone to shorts.


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