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10.3 Threads example

Let's look at an example of how to work with threads. This program is the same minimal WWW server as in
chapter 9 "File I/O" but it has been re-written to use threads, as you can see it is a lot smaller this way. This is because we can use blocking I/O operations instead of non-blocking and callbacks. This also makes the program much easier to follow:

/* A very small threaded httpd capable of fetching files only. * Written by Fredrik Hübinette as a demonstration of Pike */

import Thread;
inherit Stdio.Port;

/* number of bytes to read for each write */
#define BLOCK 16384

/* Where do we have the html files ? */
#define BASE "/home/hubbe/pike/src/"

/* File to return when we can't find the file requested */
#define NOFILE "/home/hubbe/www/html/nofile.html"

/* Port to open */
#define PORT 1905

/* Number of threads to start */
#define THREADS 5

// There will be one of these for each thread
class worker
    inherit Stdio.FILE : socket; // For communication with the browser
    inherit Stdio.File : file; // For reading the file from disc

    void create(function accept)
        string cmd, input, tmp;

            socket::close(); // Close previous connection

            object o=accept(); // Accept a connection
            if(!o) continue;

            // Read request
            sscanf(socket::gets(),"%s %s%*[\012\015 \t]",cmd, input);
                werror("Only method GET is supported.\n");

            // Open the requested file
                    werror("Couldn't find default file.\n");

            // Copy data to socket

int main(int argc, array(string) argv)
    werror("Starting minimal threaded httpd\n");

    // Bind the port, don't set it nonblocking
        werror("Failed to open socket (already bound?)\n");
        return 17;

    // Start worker threads
    for(int e=1;e<THREADS;e++) thread_create(worker,accept);

As stated in the beginning of this chapter; Pike threads are only available on some UNIX systems. The above example does not work if your system does not have threads.

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