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Chapter 9, File I/O

Programming without reading and writing data from files, sockets, keyboard etc. would be quite pointless. Luckily enough, Pike provides you with an object oriented interface to files, pipes and TCP sockets. All I/O functions and classes are collected in the module Stdio.

9.1 File management - Stdio.File

9.2 Buffered file management - Stdio.FILE

9.3 Standard streams - Stdio.stdin, stdout and stderr

9.4 Listening to sockets - Stdio.Port

9.5 UDP socket and message management - Stdio.UDP

9.6 Terminal management - Stdio.Terminfo

9.7 Simple input-by-prompt - Stdio.Readline

9.8 Other Stdio functions

9.9 A simple example

9.10 A more complex example - a simple WWW server

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