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2.2 Communicating with files

Now if we want to save the database and also be able to retrieve previously stored data we have to communicate with the environment, i.e. with files on disk. Now we will introduce you to programming with objects. To open a file for reading or writing we will use one of the programs which is builtin in Pike called Stdio.File. To Pike, a program is a data type which contains code, functions and variables. A program can be cloned which means that Pike creates a data area in memory for the program, places a reference to the program in the data area, and initializes it to act on the data in question. The methods (i.e. functions in the object) and variables in the object Stdio.File enable us to perform actions on the associated data file. The methods we need to use are open, read, write and close. See
chapter 9 "File I/O" for more details.

2.2.1 save()

2.2.2 load()

2.2.3 main() revisited

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